Doña Felisa Winery.


Founded in 1999, Bodega Doña Felisa was born from the commitment of its founders,
José Maria Losantos, and his wife Gema Alonso.
Natives of Burgos, they discovered the city of Ronda and fell instantly in love with it.
Not only with the City itself, but also because of the unique conditions that this marvelous corner of Andalucía offers for the elaboration of fine wines.
This love at first sight turned their passion for wines into a thriving business and a way of living, making Bodega DOÑA FELISA a real family proyect.

Now the second generation of the family consolidating this guest, and ensuring that it remains as one of the most renowned and innovative wineries in Andalucía.

It is surrounded by Ronda´s mountains and located in an area known close to Roman city of Acinipo,"Land of wine", where fine wines have been produced and exported to the whole Roman Empire and all around the world since Roman times.

Elaboration and Maturation

Red, White, Rosé and Sweet Wines

Our wines are made through a highly exhaustive controlled process, which the care of the vineyard, manual harvesting and selection of the grapes, providing a great conceptual charge and an exclusive desing.
Offering wine lovers, a product of the highest quality.

Respecting the Terroir un alliace with cutting-edge technology, which is always placed at the service of tradition, is the essence of our philosophy of winemaking.

Enoturism and visits

the highest quality

Wine Tasting

Three wines elaborated by the Bodega Doña Felisa are tasted and are accompanied by home-made tapas. Duration of the tasting: 30 min Available from Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 2pm Other times available by previous arrangement. Phone Number: +0034 606 945 937

Guided Tour & Wine Tasting And Meal

We begin our visit with a tour of the vineyards and enjoy the marvelous views. Then we visit the rooms where the wine is Elaborated together with the Bottling and Maturing rooms: so discovering the whole wine-making process, ‘from grape to glass’. The visit ends with either a lunch or dinner designed to achieve a fusion of our wines with the best of local food. Times: Monday to Sunday. 10am to 2pm. Other times by arrangement. *For less than 4, check availability and prices in advance.Make sure you don´t miss it by booking in advance. Phone Number +0034 606 945 937




GPS: Latitud 36.813497 Longitud -5.188207


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