Bf Maestro

This Savoury wine presents a pale and brilliant straw yellow colour.

Very intense with traces of tropical fruits and citric hints, all with a gentle fresh acidity which clean your palate every sip. For this reason, we also recomend you to enjoy it as a perfect aperitif.

Is really fruity and refreshing, well rounded and with very long finish.

Is a unique, pleasant and memorable sweet wine.


Precio : 10,65



Moscatel of Alejandria 100%


It is harvested in a very traditional way, with mules on the precipitous slopes of the vineyard. Just the best grapes of selected vines have a gentle exposure to the sun, to generate the sugars necessary for the wine making. Only "Mosto Lagrima" is used. After filtering of the Must, it will be fortified with 8% alcohol which promotes a slow and complex fermentation. After 49 days when wine has reached 15% alcohol, this wine will be chilled to end the fermentation.

To Accompany

Patés, foié, cheses and diversity of desserts and ice creams.

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