Sparkling Wine

Cloe Brut Nature 2018


This Sauvignon Blanc elaborated from Traditional Method has a clean, brigth and gold color incorporated with elegant and soft bubbles.

The nose is fresh and delicate, showing good complexity with hints of citrus and white flowers and touch of nuts.

Very refreshing entrance with well- integrated fizz. Is a perfect balance wine, followed by a delicately fresh crispiness.

The ideal aperitif drink.

Precio : 19,50



Sauvignon Blanc 100%


Made with a double fermentation technique. The first, in tanks, as has traditionally been done, and the second in bottle which creates the beautiful bubbles founded on the glass. Carefully aged 18 months before being disgorged, with each bottle undergoing rigorous visual and olfactory quality control. The small amount of wine released due to high pressure at time of disgorgement is replenished with the same wine from another bottle. As a result, this sparkling wine can be classified as “Brut Nature” using the Traditional method.


Bottles aged 18 months “in rimas”.

To Accompany

Perfect with fish, seafood, raw oysters, sushi, paella, and red fruits with chocolate. Very versatile and also pairs nicely with grilled meats and pasta.

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